Primal Nutra was formulated to provide true nutrition. It offers three of the most treasured organs from organic pastured cattle that traverse 290,000 square meters of land, feeding on over 250 species of seasonal native grasses and plants of Australia.

Beef organs are the most nutrient rich foods on the planet packed with vital nutrients to support overall health, vitality, and energy. In addition, we have added kelp from Tasmania’s pristine waters, one of the best sources of iodine.

It is a multi-vitamin packed with real nutrients, including special amino acids, CoQ10, DAO enzyme, vitamins, and minerals such as selenium, copper, iron and iodine.


Nature's multi-vitamin

This is a potent multi-vitamin brimming with authentic nutrients, including vital amino acids, vitamins, and minerals like selenium, copper, iron, and iodine. What makes Primal Nutra truly exceptional is its inclusion of crucial enzymes such as the heart-protective CoQ10 and the immunity-supporting DAO, which are often lacking in modern diets.

Premium Ingredients

Our products are made using only certified organic, grass-fed and bio-dynamically grown beef organs and organic kelp, ensuring the highest nutritional value. To preserve the nutritional content, all ingredients are freeze-dried immediately after sourcing and harvesting.

Australian and Organic

Primal Nutra is made in Australia using only certified organic ingredients grown in Australia. Each ingredient is freeze-dried and encapsulated in an organic certified facility.

Backed by science

We Drink LOVE values “Food Synergy”, a concept that the non-random mixture of food constituents operates in concert for the life of the organism eaten.

Our Powerful Ingredients

Organic Australian Grass-fed Beef Heart

B vitamins and CoQ10 for energy

Organic Australian Grass-fed Beef Kidney

Essential for brain and bones

Organic Australian Grass-fed beef liver

The most nutrient rich foods on the planet

Organic Australian Bull Kelp

One of the best sources of iodine

Nutritional info

1,515IU of Vitamin A (51% of RDI)

0.25mg of Vitamin B2 (19% of RDI)

1mg of Vitamin B3 (6% of RDI)

4mcg of Vitamin B12 (170% of RDI)

18.8mg of choline (3% of RDI)

125mcg of Iodine (83% of RDI)

6.3mcg of Selenium (11% of RDI)

0.6mg of Iron (7% of RDI)

*All natural and bioavailable nutrients.


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