A journey to better health.

We Drink LOVE was born out of the desire to see food as medicine, our bodies lifted up by its consumption. Pioneered to be completely fair-trade and organic, all we do is from love, and for L.O.V.E.

I was a very sick person

I am truly grateful that this confession has become past tense. I didn't have a disease that required immediate admission to the hospital.

It was very difficult and painful at the time, but in hindsight, there was a reason I suffered. From binge eating to the number of days when my stomach was so full of gas that I couldn't properly digest a bite of meal, I used to cry with resentment - 'Why am I in so much pain?'

I would clutch my stomach and roll around on the floor during periods. My hair was so dull and acne caked on my skin. I bought medicine and cosmetics every day but in the end, I had been looking in the wrong places.

What healed me was NOT a white pill, but the FOOD grown by nature and the nutrition within it.

Many years ago, I was a successful financial analyst. It may have appeared as I had it all, but I was missing the most precious asset – my health.

I believe that it was an experience given to me that helped me realise the importance of health and understand the feelings of sick people.

Therefore, I have a mission to correct the myths and incorrect knowledge in the health sphere and inform the world of foods that provide true health.

What I have learned through years of business is that health food is not defined by the phrase written on the label, but is created by the soil; how the raw materials are grown, how they are processed, and the producer's philosophy. We are confident that what makes people healthy is not something artificially synthesised or extracted, but a combination of tens of thousands of substances in nature that humans can never imitate. That's why I always have pride and confidence in introducing each product. Obviously, I have faith that it will keep you healthy.

I pray that everyone who meets me has a healthy and beautiful life

The ultimate blend

Our original, best-selling superfood smoothie. LOVE Super9 is blended from the freshest ingredients, in the most bio-available form. Alkalise, nourish and detoxify your body - true anti-aging begins on the inside and is made right here in Sydney, Australia.

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