Celxir - Drinkable, Plant-derived Stem Cells for Your Cells.

Capturing the essence of organic fresh black currant's stem cells grown in the one-and-only certified organic gemmo farm in Tasmania, Celixr actively promotes new human cell production that works on a deep cellular level by supporting cellular metabolism and detoxification, the most common causes of cellular aging in humans.



Celixr is based on Gemmotherapy, a 'phytotherapeutic' process of extracting embyrologic tissues from selected plants and herbs during the plant's active growth phase. Since its discovery in Europe, Gemmotherapy has opened new doors to promote healthy organs, stimulate elimination of unwanted toxins and promote cellular regeneration.

Certified Organic

Celixr is cultivated in the only certified organic gemmo farm in Australia, renowned for its pristine air, water, and mineral-rich soil teeming with microorganisms. The farm employs rotational cropping to enrich the soil with nitrogen, ensuring that both the soil and the plants remain free from pesticide contamination.

Preservation of nutrients

The buds of Ribus Nigrum are carefully handpicked in the spring at the beginning of the active growing phase and undergo processing within hours of harvest. This meticulous process ensures that the phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, and essential oils retain their full richness and potency.

Trusted Quality

Celixr is formulated by qualified and NHAA registered phytotherapist, and is manufactured in a certified organic facility that strictly adheres to quality standards, guaranteeing unparalleled purity and potency.

It makes a lot of difference when you're consuming it and not!!
Daniel K. Seoul
It seems to have been effective for my child's eczema too. When it gets hotter my child started scratching around the neck and face, and applying eczema skincares didn't calm it down, so me and my husband decided to try Celixr. We had given about a third of the dosage and gradually increased to a full pipette. The itching disappeared the next day... Can you believe it? It's amazing how We Drink LOVE products surprise us everytime. We really appreciate having these natural products as we try not to rely on medicines or antibiotics too much, especially when it comes to my child. Thank you so much.
Sung L. Incheon
Celixr is not cheap, but since it detoxifies my body I believe it's worth the investment.
Michelle B, Sydney
Celixr, a product I love that contains potent energy in each drop ♡ It's been over three months since I started taking it with LOVE Super9. I mix one full pipette into the Super9 drink it together, then I take another pipette directly into my mouth. I actually feel refreshed. I chose Celixr to gain some relief from chronic rhinitis symptoms. I know that steady effort is the key to seeing the effects, however, this spring the symptoms seem to have passed more lightly than before. I feel that Celixr is gradually reducing the inflammation that triggers rhinitis, deeply rooted in my body. I believe the day will come soon when I say goodbye to allergy! Lately, I often hear from friends that my skin seems to be glowing, which makes me very happy. After washing my face, I immediately felt my skin tighten even before I apply any skincare, and I don't feel that my skin is dry even if some time passes after washing. I'm glad Celixr is working hard to remove inflammation in my body.
Jeong K. Seoul
It's amazing to see the results within just a month! I mix it into my LOVE Super9 in the morning everyday. The noticeable changes include feeling more comfortable in the bathroom and, most importantly, my skin glowing. I realised this is called "inner radiance". After reading reviews mentioning these effects, I decided to give it a go and I'm so glad I did.
Hong L. Seoul
I've been taking it with the essential, LOVE Super9, and I can definitely see that my skin is clearing up. I make sure to take them together.
Anne P. Seoul
Every April, visiting the ENT due to rhinitis had been routine for me... until this year. I'm in my early 40s, but I've dealt with rhinitis since childhood. Over time, it worsened to the point where my nose was severely blocked, causing headaches and difficulty breathing. Each year, I relied on antibiotics and strong medications, resigning myself to the belief that rhinitis was incurable. In addition to rhinitis, I also have autoimmune conditions like eczema and cholinergic allergies, making winters unbearable with frequent hives and throat discomfort. Until last year, I focused on my career, but realising the toll on my health, I decided to take a break and discovered We Drink LOVE's products in January. I started taking them, hopeful after learning from Genie's informative Instagram live sessions. Now, I'm beginning to see a glimmer of hope that these products will help alleviate my conditions.
Park S. New York
My mom said her health improved after taking Celixr, so I've been ordering it regularly. She also mentioned that it's good for the skin, and she definitely feels healthier.
Young Lee, Seoul
It's a product I can't do without. I feel a big difference when I take it and not, so I make sure to take it regularly. I love it so much.
Nancy K. Sydney
After taking Celixr for about two weeks, I noticed that I became very regular. Normally, I'm not able to go even once a week, it's almost unbelievable!
Kim S. Seoul

Our Powerful Ingredients


Ribes Nigrum Gemmo Extract

Biophoton glass

Keep Celixr in its original container. The product utilizes biophoton energy that protects the nutrients and maximises the benefits.

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