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You are not what you eat. You are what you absorb and assimilate.

Boost the nutritional quality of everything you consume.
Powered by fulvic/humic acid and 70+ minerals derived from nature’s richest soil, HUM+US can deliver up to 60 times more nutrients than its molecular weight into the cells. It also acts like nature’s janitor that detoxes and protects your cells from free radicals, heavy metals, virus, pesticides, herbicides and various drug metabolites.

HUM+US is the most concentrated natural fulvic and humic acid you will find (as much as 20 times). This is possible via a patented extraction method guaranteeing at least 55% concentration.

✔️150mg of fulvic/ humic acid guaranteed in each capsule
✔️Contains ideal fulvic/ humic acid ratio of 6:4
✔️Contains 70+ minerals
✔️Acts as both probiotic and prebiotic
✔️Anti-oxidant, Anti-inflammatory, and Anti-viral
✔️Helps to improve gut health



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Weight 0.1 kg


  • 1 capsule = 150mg fulvic/ humic acid
  • 70+ minerals
  • Acts as both probiotic and prebiotic
  • Free from GMO, artificial colours, sweeteners, glyphosates, and preservatives


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