LOVE SUPER9 is a powerful blend of 9 of the world's most nutrient-dense superfoods;
Acai Berries, Goji Berries, Raw Cacao, Spirulina, Maca, Coconut Water, Chia seeds, Coconut Milk, and Rice Protein.
We call them the SUPER 9 because not only each and every one of them are outstanding in nutrition, but the antioxidative effect the combination provides are simply superlative.
The recipe of LOVE SUPER9 originated from a beloved Australian top model, voted the most beautiful woman in the world. On top of having glowing skin and an amazing figure, the supermodel always shines with overflowing energy and never seems to age. She starts everyday with the 'ultimate morning smoothie' which is the blend of SUPER9.
We wanted ordinary people just like you and us to be able to enjoy her powerful smoothie anytime anywhere, and LOVE SUPER9 was born.
The great thing about LOVE SUPER9 is that they come in powder form (yes, even the Coconut Milk and Coconut Water), so all you need to do is to add water.
As if that wasn't enough, LOVE SUPER9 is 100% natural, free of synthetic nutrients, artificial flavours, preservatives, binders, fillers, sugar, lactose and gluten!




Antioxidants are the principal ingredient of LOVE SUPER9.
They come from rich phytochemicals, chemical compounds found in plants that promote positive health effects in humans. Ever heard of beta-carotenes offering protection against visual degeneration? That's a unique property of beta-carotene as a type of phytochemical. Various phytochemicals such as carotenes, flavonoid or anthocyanin are found to have some of their own properties, however, they all share a common ground - they are potent antioxidants.
Antioxidants offer protection from free radicals . Free radicals are notorious for damaging cells and genes by stealing their electrons, a process called oxidation, which is one of the main reason we age. As the number of damaged cells overpopulate our body, visible signs of aging are aggravated and vitality is lost. Numbers of study also suggest that increased creation of free radicals is the cause of or expedites cell injuries and leads to diseases including cancer. Enter 'anti-oxidants' which sacrifice their own electrons so that crucial cell components can escape the damage. Once the missing electron of free radicals are paired, free radicals are no longer toxic to cells as they stabilize. You see, antioxidants do not destroy the free-radicals but rather reestablish them by sacrificing themselves. If that's not the act of LOVE, what is?


Due to the fact that ingredients in LOVE SUPER9 are preservative free, organic, and contains copious amounts of antioxidants, it is extremely sensitive to heat, oxygen, and moisture.
We packed each servings of LOVE SUPER9 in a dark and opaque satchel to minimize heat, oxygen and moisture exposure, and individually to prevent any nutrition loss. Imagine having to open up the bag (or bottle or jar) each time you consume LOVE SUPER9 - every single time the contents are in contact with air, there's a risk of losing precious nutrients and antioxidants. We didn't want that to happen, nor would you.
And of course, not to mention the convenience of taking LOVE SUPER9 with you everywhere, when you're traveling, in the gym, in the office, or even shopping!


LOVE SUPER9 can be enjoyed by men and women of all ages.
LOVE SUPER9 is also free of nuts, lactose and gluten for those who suffer with allergies.
However, as with any dietary supplement, consult with your health professional before consuming LOVE SUPER9, especially if you're pregnant, breast-feeding, take medication on a regular basis or are otherwise under medical supervision.


 Pour contents into a shaker with 300-400 ml of water or real juice (the pure, cold-pressed one, not the sugary concentrate) and shake vigorously.

Adding fresh or frozen fruits such as bananas and berries to the drink will create a delicious thick smoothie (use high-speed blender for smooth consistency). Pour into a jar or bowl. You may even sprinkle nutritious toppings such as buckwheats, granola, cacao nibs, coconut flakes, honey, dried fruits, fresh berries, herbs, nuts and seeds.



YES. That's exactly what LOVE SUPER9 was created for.
LOVE SUPER9 has all the essential nutrients (and the non-essential) including 18 grams of complete plant protein, 11.7 grams of good fatty acids (the omega 3, 6, and 9 and MCT), all natural vitamins (A,B,C,D,E,K) and minerals (calcium, zinc, magnesium, potassium, iron, selenium, etc.), both soluble and insoluble fibre, not to mention powerful antioxidants from a number of phytochemicals (beta-carotene, polyphenol, anthocyainin, lutein, zeazanthin, and chlorophyll, etc.), all while minimizing caloric intake - LOVE is only 1,015 Kj (242 cal) per serving.


 Drink LOVE SUPER9 in morning as an ultimate breakfast, before and after a strenuous workout, or whenever you need an energy-boost. Replacing your regular dinner with LOVE SUPER9 can assist in healthy weight loss. However, LOVE SUPER9 is not intended to replace all food in your diet or as a sole source of nutrition. It is also a great substitute for coffee or energy drink.



As often as you want, whenever you're feeling sluggish or when you feel that the meal you just had is lacking real nutrients.
For optimum results, we recommend drinking LOVE SUPER9 at least once a day (but no more than twice) for 28 consecutive days.


The ingredients in LOVE SUPER9 can be extremely sensitive. Although we have utilized the best packaging available to ensure the integrity of the ingredients, we recommend LOVE SUPER9 to be stored in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture.




LOVE Super9 is made to order meaning we do not sell pre-made stocks in order to ensure freshness of the product. There is at least 12-15 business days of processing time involved. Please note during high volume sale periods there may be minor delays - we appreciate your patience during this time!




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