LOVE Warriors : the 2 week challenge

We challenged six amazing women to discover the LOVE for themselves over two weeks, replacing or supplementing one meal a day with our LOVESuper9 smoothie. You may have been following their stories on our instagram and facebook pages, and now we’ve caught up with these lovely ladies to reflect on how the last two weeks have affected them. We sat down to ask a few questions about their experience with LOVE, how they found the challenge, what surprised them, and how they’ll continue to live with LOVE in the day-to-day…
Overall, how did you find drinking LOVE for the past two weeks?
McCall: It’s been good! It was an acquired taste at first, but each day got better and better! I felt it and saw it in my face, my jawbone became more defined  and that was just in two weeks – it was nice having other people see it, and not just myself.
Patreese: The LOVE challenge was an opportunity to regain some control and begin the journey of nourishing my body correctly. The smoothie made sure I was getting the right nutrients in a way that was both easy and convenient. Though the time was short, I definitely felt a difference in my energy levels and mood. I think the team at LOVE have created something wonderful.
Eliza: It’s been a lifesaver. Halfway into my first week drinking LOVE, I managed to catch a really bad head cold; and my two week challenge turned from hoping to smash out a sugar and caffeine addiction to two weeks of relying on LOVE to get me through the day. It became my primary source of nourishment after lots of toast, tea, and orange juice.
What’s been your greatest discovery while drinking LOVE?
Hope: My greatest discovery has been not drinking LOVE! I’ve put it into a vegan yoghurt, a coconut based yoghurt with some fresh pineapple and I love it. I’ll either have it for dinner or breakfast, it’s super filling.
Patreese: My greatest discovery has been realising how quickly the body can respond when you treat it well!
Eliza: I unintentionally created a minty-cacao flavoured smoothie when I brushed my teeth before drinking LOVE – turns out it actually tastes pretty good! Any chance we can release a Minty WDL?
What’s been the greatest challenge?
Patreese: Trying to figure out what time of the day is best to drink LOVE – for both my body and schedule.
Eliza: Yes! It took about a week to figure out that lunchtime is probably best for me, it keeps off those nasty coffee/sugar cravings that hit in the afternoon. I also really missed cooking! Sounds strange, but replacing one meal a day really made me realise how much I enjoy cooking!
McCall: Uhh… the packaging. Every day I figured out a new way to cut it and pour it in – but at the very end I realised I could cut it on the side, fold it out and pour it in!
How has drinking LOVE affected the day-to-day of life?
McCall:  More energy for sure! After drinking it in the morning I’ll be in class taking notes, super on top of things!
Patreese: It introduced a new aspect to my routine, gave me more energy to complete tasks and caused me to have optimism everyday – wondering what changes I would see next!
Eliza: It made afternoons infinitely better – having the energy to power through the afternoon was incredible
How has it affected the deeper parts of life?
Patreese: It made me want to take care of both my body and my mind. I would like to live a lifestyle that reflects health in every area. LOVE has made that seem achievable.
Kathy: It has allowed me to capture an inward respect for my self health. Even now I make it a priority to intake the vitamins I need to live a joyous life as a healthy daughter of God.
Now that the challenge is over, how are you going to continue to bring love into the every day? What’s your biggest gain from these two weeks that you’ll be taking into the next few months?
Hope: I’m a hairdresser, and one of my goals every day is to speak life and love over my clientele – so they always feel loved, more beautiful than when they walked in. I want it to be something I genuinely speak on and I’ve carried that over into my every day life, into friends, family, strangers on the bus. Wherever I go, I want to leave hope, and love!
McCall: I’ll be sharing the LOVE by being there for people, being a good friend to people, I think you can’t force love onto anyone, but you can sure show it by the way you act!
Eliza: I’m really relishing taking time out of my day to cook at least once or twice each day, and putting ingredients into my morning smoothie one at a time is a beautiful break from the hustle and bustle of the everyday! I love it! LOVE reminded me how much I love to cook, and being able to remember the importance of the beautiful nutrition of LOVE has definitely inspired me to keep creating healthy meals for each day.
Patreese: Now that the challenge is over, I still try to make the right choices for my body when it comes to what I eat and drink. Over the next few months I want to incorporate some of the ingredients of the LOVE smoothie into my diet and experiment with new ways of nourishing my body. One of the biggest gains has been regaining a sense of discipline and a desire to develop a healthier lifestyle. I also loved learning about the heart behind the product – it made the challenge a lot more purposeful and genuine.
Watch Hope’s LOVEStory in more detail on our YouTube Channel, and keep your eyes peeled for McCall’s LOVEStory, up next week!